Ron Clayton has been busy updating previous years Individual and Teams events results for the AMSA records.

Those wishing to reminisce ( or tell everyone how well they played) can now referr directly back as far as Adelaide in 2004 for all results.

Please note this is a work in progress and Ron is reviewing all previous years to ensure accuracy and the AMSA will have a record centre we can referr to for many years to come.

When all previous years data has been bought up to date for Teams and Individual events we will be in a position to add further details to our repository of information which will be available to all members.

You are able to access Previous Tournament results from our website here



Congratulations on the Australian Trans Tasman Team returning to our shores with a successful campaign result.

Read the Official Managers report for the complete Trans Tasman series just won by Australia.


Now to have to defend it in 2017 here in Melbourne.

Congratulations to all who also competed in the individual NZ Masters Championships. The following results show a huge particpation and results for Australain entrants

Craig Brann – NZ Over 40 Champion
Jeff Bond – NZ Over 45 Champion
Kelvin Smith – NZ Over 55 Runner Up
Larry Malan – NZ Over 55 Open Plate winner
Graeme Bradfield – NZ Over 55 Open Consolation Plate winner
Gary Cowan – NZ Over 60 Champion
Michael Brown – NZ Over 60 Open Special Plate winner
Brian Cook – NZ Over 65 Champion

Janelle Scobie – NZ Over 40 Open Special Plate winner
Sarah Nelson – NZ Over 45 Champion
Sue Davis – NZ Over 45 Runner up
Sue Hillier – NZ Over 50 Champion
Tracey Partridge – 4th in NZ Over 55 Open
Gaye Mitchell – NZ Over 60 Champion

For a definite special mention, Murray Gaydon (Qld) who was the oldest player in the Championships at 86.




Third Test – Thursday 15th October 4.30pm

Won by Australia 6 matches all 24 games to 21 games on countback


35+ Kashif Shuja (NZ) bt Craig Brann (Aust) 15/6, 15/6, 15/10
40+ Scott Gardiner (NZ) bt Jeff Bond (Aust) 20/18, 11/15, 15/13, 9/15, 15/11
45+ Willie Bicknell (NZ) bt Tony Whackett (Aust) 13/15, 15/10, 15/13, 5/15, 15/9
50+ Gary Duberly (NZ) bt Warren Miller (Aust) 15/12, 5/15, 15/8, 15/11
55+ Kelvin Smith (Aust) bt Mark Waldin (NZ) 15/8, 15/11, 15/10
60+ Michael Brown (Aust) bt Lawrence Skurr (NZ) 15/17, 15/8, 15/9, 15/6 


35+ Mickayla Kerr (NZ) bt Janelle Scobie (Aust) 14/16, 15/7, 15/12, 15/11
40+ Nadine Cull (NZ) bt Sue Davis (Aust) 15/8, 15/3, 15/5
45+ Sarah Nelson (Aust) bt Lisa Cowlard (NZ) 15/6, 15/2, 15/12
50+ Sue Hillier (Aust) bt Kathryn Mackay (NZ) 15/7, 15/11, 15/1
55+ Tracey Partridge (Aust) bt Karen Walton (NZ) 10/15, 12/15, 15/11, 15/11, 15/12
60+ Gaye Mitchell (Aust) bt Freda Walker (NZ) 15/12, 15/12, 15/12


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