Hi all - Here are some of your fellow Australian Masters players who are representing your country at the 2016 World Masters Squash Championships in Johannesburg, South Africa. All players have now arrived and commenced their matches. We can assure you all that we are playing for our great country (note the Aussie Polos that some are wearing).

2016 World Masters Championships South Africa

On behalf of the "team", thank you again to the AMSA Executive for making it possible for all players to have a designed polo which we can proudly wear on and off the court.

To keep up to date with results of your favourite player/s, go to https://wsf.tournamentsoftware.com/sport/draws.aspx?id=6DB355CB-5015-49B2-8640-56BDC8BAAFBC and select the appropriate draw/ s.

Plate events have also started today with some players forging forward in them and the majority still playing in the main events.

Please keep in touch via Facebook / WhatsApp / etc as your comments are vital to the "team".


Garry Irwin


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